Christmas Collection 2023

boy in front of fireplace on a rocking plane
little boy in a sledges in winter scene
Christmas photo of little boy in the cart

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Christmas scenes:

This year we are offering different setups. Some of them are from previous years as we are still receiving many requests for them whereas some are brand new.

Christmas photo session siblings

Christmas Cottage

This set up is ideal for small kids or small families.

Nice and cosy warm clothes or pyjamas would be nice for this set up.

The boy on the sledges

Magic Forest

The snowy magic forest is good for kids and nice coat or cosy warm clothes will suit this scene.

Couple by fireplace

Cosy Christmas

This beautiful set up is ideal for Christmas jumpers or beautiful dresses. It is a good size for couples or kids.

little girl in front of the fireplace

Green Chrismas

This set up is new and you can wear either beautiful dress or cosy Christmas jumper or any cosy clothes to sit in front of the warm fireplace