My name is Tanya and I am a professional newborn baby photographer. I adore taking pictures of little babies. I love everything about them: their tiny hands and feet, their smell and their beautiful smiles.

If you are reading this, then you are probably looking your newborn baby's first photographer and I am sure you have tons of questions. I decided to write this post to answer some of them.

Newborn girl in teddy bear costume in the basket
sleeping newborn girl

Where to start?

First of all have a look on my photography web site, you can visit newborn baby gallery, my Facebook and Instagram pages, where I post lots photographs from my previous photo sessions.

Once you have decided that I am the right photographer for you and your new baby, you can get in touch with me. There are many different options to do this: fill the form on website or email to me: fenita@fenita.co.uk or call to the studio: 01512811188 or whatsapp: 01512811188.

when Should I contact you?

You can contact me when you are still expecting and I can put your baby due date in my diary until the baby arrives or we can arrange a maternity photoshoot to capture precious moment of such a wonderful journey. When the baby is born, get in touch with me and we can schedule the date for your baby photo session.

pregant woman and her partner
Some more questions:

Do you have a studio?

My studio is in Walton and it is absolutely perfect for newborn baby, children and family photography.

What if my baby is not settled?

During the session I am doing all my best to capture nice photographs to make a beautiful gallery for you. Every baby is individual, but you can try to keep your little one awake before the photo session feed him or her just before the photoshoot. Usually after that they have a nice deep sleep.

newborn girl with teddy bear
What do I need to bring for photoshoot?

On the day you just need to arrive in time with your baby. Do not forget milk and cuddles for you tiny cherubs as sometimes they are needed very much. We provide everything what is needed for photoshoot: props, clothes, toys. If you have something special for you and you would like to add it to your baby's photo session, you can bring it and I will try to use it with my setups.

You can bring something for you: your favourite snack or drink, book or phone and charger, as the photo shoot might take long :)

What to expect during the photo session?

The photo session might take up to 2-3 hours, each baby is individual and some settle very quickly, some need more time and cuddles.

I keep the studio warm enough for little ones to feel comfortable without clothes and I have a nice couch for you and relaxing music.

I am a very experienced newborn photographer so you can rest assured that your precious little baby is in safe hands.

newborn girl in purple outfint
How much do you charge?

You can check our Collections and choose which one suits your needs in terms of prints, digital images or wall products.

baby girl and her brother
Can you do photos with siblings or family?

Yes, of course.

Usually I start with baby only. At some stage I ask siblings to join the baby, and I leave the family photos to the end of the session.

Big brother in rocking chair is looking down to his baby sister
What happens after the photo session?

It usually takes me few days to prepare photographs for viewing session, which we arrange after your photoshoot, where I show you all photos and you decide which ones you would like to buy, if you want them printed, digital, on the wall or album.

baby in the crib
How long does it take to get photos done?

After you choose the photos it takes up to two weeks to retouch and print them.

If you still have questions or want to book your photoshoot feel free to contact me, using this form.